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  • Chilli Flakes 1kg
    Crushed red pepper or chili flakes is a condiment or spice consisting of dried & crushed (as opposed to ground) red chili peppers.
    (5/5 from 2 reviews)
    NZ$ 38.99
    NZ$ 24.99
  • Chilli & Lime Snippets 1kg
    This super crunchy and super delicious Chili & Lime flavoured snack is very moreish. Prefect for BBQs and entertaining.
    NZ$ 34.99 kg
  • Chilli Periperi 1kg
    Peri-peri is a cultivar of Capsicum frutescens that was originally produced by Portuguese explorers in Mozambique from the malagueta pepper and then spread to other Portuguese territories.
    NZ$ 98.99
  • Chilli Powder 1kg
    Chili powder (also spelled chile, chilli, or, alternatively, powdered chili) is the dried, pulverized fruit of one or more varieties of chili pepper,
    NZ$ 30.99 kg
  • Chipotle Rub 1kg
    Liven up your platter with the hot smoky flavours of Mexico in a spice blend to rub all cuts of meat and fish
    NZ$ 99.99
  • Cinnamon Ground(cassia) 1kg
    Cassia bark (both powdered and in whole, or "stick" form) is used as a flavouring agent for confectionery, desserts, pastries, and meat; it is specified in many curry recipes
    (4.9/5 from 12 reviews)
    NZ$ 24.99
  • Cinnamon Quills(cassia) 1kg
    It is one of several species of Cinnamon used primarily for their aromatic bark, which is used as a spice.
    (5/5 from 3 reviews)
    NZ$ 92.99 kg
  • Clove Ground 1kg
    Ground cloves is used in baking. It blends well with cinnamon and nutmeg in dishes such as apple muffins, cakes and pumpkin pies. It can also be used to make a Chinese five spice mix at home or added to chicken, meat or marinades.
    NZ$ 59.99
  • Cloves 1kg
    Cloves may be used to give aromatic and flavor qualities to hot beverages, often combined with other ingredients such as lemon and sugar.
    NZ$ 94.99
  • Coconut Fine desiccated-500g
    Coconut fine desiccated is dried coconut and are commonly used in cooking and baking, on cereals, salads, stir fries, curries and raw desserts.
    (5/5 from 1 reviews)
    NZ$ 18.99
  • Coriander ground 1kg
    Coriander ground is used as a important ingredient n making garam masala, which is an important spice blend for the north Indian cuisine,The seeds have a lemony citrus flavour when crushed,
    NZ$ 24.99
  • Coriander Seeds 1kg
    It has a refreshing, lemony or lime-like flavour, The seeds have a lemony citrus flavour when crushed, It is described as warm, nutty, spicy, and orange-flavoured
    (4.8/5 from 4 reviews)
    NZ$ 19.99
    NZ$ 13.99
  • Couscous 1kg
    These are tiny balls of pasta made from semolina. In North America, the couscous you'll find at the grocery store is pre-cooked and dried, so it's quick to prepare. Couscous has a neutral flavor similar to other foods made of wheat like bread.
    (5/5 from 1 reviews)
    NZ$ 14.99
  • Couscous Israeli 1kg
    Israeli couscous, also called pearl couscous, Made from wheat flour and semolina, Israeli couscous has a ball-like shape and is toasted, rather than dried, after the granules are formed.
    NZ$ 19.99
    NZ$ 14.99
  • Cranberry Trio 1kg
    Delicious blend of batch roasted almonds, cashews and cranberries for some tangy sweetness.
    (5/5 from 1 reviews)
    NZ$ 44.99
    NZ$ 29.99
  • Cumin ground 1kg
    Give your dishes a aromatic ,warm, nutty and a hint of spicy flavor to your dishes with freshly ground Cumin Powder.
    (5/5 from 1 reviews)
    NZ$ 44.99
  • Cumin seeds 1kg
    Cumin seed is used as a spice for its distinctive flavour and aroma.
    It imparts an earthy, warming and aromatic character to food, making it a staple in certain stews and soups,
    (5/5 from 5 reviews)
    NZ$ 49.99
  • Curry Powder Hot 1kg
    Curry Powder is an aromatic spice blend that typifies Indian Cuisine.
    Instantly transforms plain dishes with unique flavor, heat and spice.
    (5/5 from 2 reviews)
    NZ$ 29.99
    NZ$ 16.99
  • Curry Powder Mild 1kg
    Curry Powder is an authentic and aromatic spice blend that typifies Indian Cuisine.
    Instantly transforms plain dishes with unique flavor and spice.
    (5/5 from 5 reviews)
    NZ$ 29.99
    NZ$ 16.99
  • Dill Seeds 1kg
    Its feathery, fern-like leaves are used as a herb and the seeds as a spice. ... Culinary uses Dill seeds are commonly used in pickling and to flavour vinegar.
    (5/5 from 1 reviews)
    NZ$ 24.99
  • Dill Tips 1kg
    its leaves and seeds are used as a herb or spice for flavoring food. Like caraway, the fernlike leaves of dill are aromatic
    NZ$ 89.99
  • Fennel seeds 1kg
    They give a sweet licorice-like taste and scent to curries, stews, bread, desserts, and beverages. In some parts of the world, people chew plain or sugar-coated fennel seeds after a meal.
    (5/5 from 4 reviews)
    NZ$ 24.99
  • Fenugreek seeds 1kg
    The seeds are used in cooking, in medicine, Fenugreek seeds smell and taste similar to maple syrup. Fenugreek leaves are eaten in India as a vegetable.
    (4.9/5 from 13 reviews)
    NZ$ 18.99
  • Garam Masala 1kg
    Garam Masala…The word Garam means Hot in Hindi . This essential spice blend that is integral to Indian cuisine imparts heat using all the classic spices like cloves, cinnamon, pepper, chilli, nutmeg,star anise.
    NZ$ 44.99
    NZ$ 24.99
  • Garlic Flakes 1kg
    Garlic Flakes are made by dehydrating chopped fresh garlic, can be used in soups chicken, meat seafood dishes
    (5/5 from 4 reviews)
    NZ$ 28.99
  • Garlic Granules 1kg
    Garlic granules is a desiccated form of whole garlic. it can be used in all types of savoury food
    (5/5 from 5 reviews)
    NZ$ 25.99
    NZ$ 19.99
  • Garlic Powder 1kg
    Garlic powder has a different taste from fresh garlic. It can used as a substitute for fresh garlic, a pinch of garlic powder is approximate to one clove of garlic.
    (5/5 from 20 reviews)
    NZ$ 24.99
    NZ$ 17.99
  • Garlic Salt 1kg
    An ideal combination for a seasoning, salt enhances the flavour and garlic improves the taste.
    (5/5 from 3 reviews)
    NZ$ 19.99
  • Ginger Ground 1kg
    it be used to spice up meals Ginger can be used for a variety of food such as vegetables, candy, soda, pickles, and alcoholic beverages.
    (5/5 from 4 reviews)
    NZ$ 29.99
  • Goji Berries 700g
    Goji berries are tiny red fruits packed with antioxidants, they're added to many supplements and juice blends.
    (4.8/5 from 5 reviews)
    NZ$ 39.29
    NZ$ 29.99

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