SpicenEasy Gourmet Recipe Kits, Authentic Spices, Onuku  Genuine New Zealand Manuka Honey, Radico  Certified Organic Hair Colour and Hair care, USDA Organic Basmati Rice delivered to your door in New Zealand. Based in Auckland New Zealand , SpicenEasy is an award wining company that is comitted to providing quality  products  online .We are comitted to the belief : We are what we Eat. 


Certified Organic SpiecnEasy Rice  and Spices

Certified Organic Spices & Basmati Rice

with ApiTrack Technology 

SpicenEasy : Exclusive New Zealand distributor  

A true Maori brand from the farms of Onuku Maori Lands Trust

Genuine New Zealand Manuka Honey 

From the prime lands at the base of Mount Tarawera            


Welcome the warm days with delectable

SpicenEasy Seasonings:

 Seasonings Chilli Con Carne  Seasoning Herb & Garlic   Steak Seasoning

    Spring Special

Recipe Kits Multi packs:

3 for $9.99  

Indian Spring Feast Multi Pack

Indian Spring pack 

Indian Feast pack

Slow Cook Feast pack

Manuka ( Unpastuerized)  Honey  & Ceylon Cinnamon

A match made in Heaven.

Blending the goodness of Manuka Honey with sweetness of Ceylon Cinnamon...Pure Magic

Manuka Honey Raw Unpasteurized Ceylon Cinnamon

Himalayan Rock Salt ....

the Good raw mineral salt

a little change can made a big difference!!

Himalayan Rock Salt Coarse     Himalayan Rock Salt Fine 


Let the  aroma guide you!!!  


Certified Organic Basmati Rice....

straight from the valleys of Himalayas.

Organic Brown Basmati Rice       Organic White Basmati Rice 


Exciting  Rubs to liven up your Barbeque this Summer!!!

Braai Rub  Cajun Rub Moroccan Mint Rub Persian Rubinspired by  Advieh e Khoresh Thai Rub Tuscan Rub



(Cinnamonum Zeylanicum Blume) "True Cinnamon"

            BUY now for amazing health benefits of this great natural product....

 Ceylon Cinnamon Ground  Ceylon Cinnamon Quills



                   Superfood Organic Cacao Nibs    Organic Superfood Cacao Powder      SuperFood Maca Powder Organic      Superfood Organic Goldenberries

  SpicenEasy Recipe Kits
Delivered to you Door

"True Indian Flavours now in your hands"  :

Create traditional Indian curry meals quickly and easily at home with the help of pre-measured spices, proven family 

recipes and simple cooking instructions.

Try some of our delicious Spice n Easy recipes  .....

Real Indian ...made Real Fresh & Real Easy !! .....

Westpac Auckland North Business Awards 2011.

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Our happy customers have already enjoyed more than 1,000,000 Spice n Easy recipe kit meals, now it's your turn!

Spice n Easy is the convenient way to delight your family and friends with authentic, delicious and healthy Indian Curries.

Spice n Easy Indian Curry Recipe Kits include:

  • Pre-measured sachets of quality spices, carefully selected for their flavour and freshly ground by Spice n EasyButter Chicken ; Roganjosh;Korma;Tikka Masala;Madras Curry recipe kits
  • Authentic, tried and tested family recipes passed down through the generations
  • List of additional required ingredients for one delicious meal for 3-4 people
  • Simple, easy to follow cooking instructions
Spice n Easy is natural and healthy. Our products are:
 G luten Free with NO preservatives, MSG or artificial flavours .

They smell great and taste even better! 

This range has been designed in response to a growing demand :

People now want choose to be able to create healthy great tasting meals for thier family everyday.

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Select your favourite Indian Curry below and BUY NOW!

If you want a really simple way of cooking melt-in-your-mouth Indian curries try our succulent new Slow Cooker range:

Need Curry in a hurry? ..try our new ready under 10 minutes Kwik Curry Range:

 We also stock a variety of Prepacked Spices/Pickles Chutneys & Pastes/ Lentils & Beans/unique Indian products

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