Himalayan Salt Crystal Raw Pink Gourmet Mineral salt delivered to your door by SpicenEasy

 SpicenEasy Introduces: " Himalayan Salt"

The Good Raw Mineral  salt

  • Commonly used in cooking in place of other table salt
  • Vital source of complete balanced minerals
  • Easily absorbed for good internal health and wellbeing
  • 250 million years old and regarded as pure & most nutritious salt available today.
  • Derived from an ancient rock deposit in the Himalayan region
  • Renown  for centuries as a prized spice
  • Now used by chefs and health practitioners worldwide.
  • Tasty on all food 

                                                Himalayan Salt Fine

        200g                  400g  1Kg


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Himalayan Salt Coarse  HIMALAYAN SALT COARSE

200g 400g 1Kg


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