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Gifts  Hampers Galore..!! Add that extra sparkle to every festive occasion .

From Hampers designed for all ages...all you need for that special occasion...we deliver to your friends and family for you.

  • Organic Shikakai-Ritha-Amla
    The Shikakai Powder ensures hair manageability while cleansing very sensitive scalp in a gentle manner.
    Organic Amla Powder is an excellent remedy for premature greying of hair.. It also promotes hair growth and improves its retention.
    Ritha removes Dirt & Excess Oil from the Hair & Scalp,
    Fights against Dandruff and Itchy Scalp.
    (5/5 from 1 reviews)
    NZ$ 77.85
  • Party Mix Hamper
    A perfect fit for your next party... This collection of delectable treats will surely make the Music and Drinks hit the spot!

    The Hamper includes 1 unit each of SpicenEasy products below:

    Bar Mix 250g
    Cashew Roasted Salted 180g
    BBQ corn Nibbles 300g
    Pistachio Roasted Salted 130g
    Chilli Lime Snippets 80g
    Barbeque Rice Crackers 150g
    Smoky Barbecue Seasoning 50g
    Bhuja Mild 250g
    NZ$ 59.40 Pack
    NZ$ 54.99 Pack
  • Passionate Cooks  Pack
    Carefully chosen collection to reach the fine standards of the passionate cook...Order online now.

    The Pack includes 1 unit each of SpicenEasy products below:

    Kwik Curry Butter Chicken Spice Blend 55g
    Bombay Potatoes Recipe Kit 15g
    Smoky BBQ seasoning 50g
    Almond Blanched Ground 130g
    Lemon Pepper Seasoning 100g
    Gourmet Peppercorns 50g
    Natural sea salt with Organic Kelp 50g
    NZ$ 44.95 Pack
    NZ$ 39.99 Pack
  • Recipe Kits Fiesta Gift Pack
    A fiesta of 12 SpicenEasy Recipe Kits

    ...Real Indian made Real Easy!!!

    Shop online for Hamper consisting of one unit each of SpicenEasy curry Kits:
    Butter Chicken
    Lamb/Beef Roganjosh
    Lamb/Beef Korma
    Fish/Chicken Tikka Masala
    Chicken Jalfrezi
    Chicken Madras
    Prawn Curry
    Shimla Aloo/Capsicum Potatoes
    Tandoori Chicken
    Lamb/Beef Saagwala
    Slow Cooker Lamb/Beef Curry
    Bombay Potatoes
    (5/5 from 4 reviews)
    NZ$ 64.99 pack
    NZ$ 54.99 pack
  • Seasoned Cook's Pack
    The absolute essentials for the experienced home cook....Create magic out of basic stuff !!

    The hamper includes 1 unit each of SpicenEasy products below:

    Semolina 1kg
    White Basmati Rice 990g
    Xanthan Gum 250g
    Organic coconut sugar 200g
    Sumac 50g
    Organic White Quinoa 200g
    NZ$ 41.75 Pack
    NZ$ 36.99 Pack
  • Seasonings Handy Pack
    Need a dash of just a little something for that extra kick of flavour?

    Reach out for SpicenEasy Seasonings Handy pack

    Every Seasonings Handy Pack includes 1 unit each of:

    Tuscan Seasoning 50g
    Chilli Con Carne Seasoning 50g
    Caribbean Jerk Seasoning 50g
    Lemon Herb and Garlic Seasoning 50g
    Steak Seasoning 30g
    (5/5 from 1 reviews)
    NZ$ 34.99 pack
  • Spice Rack (8 jars)
    An elegant carousel of spice jars...ideal for any kitchen bench

    Carousel consists of 1 jar each of:
    Coarse Salt 100g
    Rosemary 21g
    Basil 14g
    Parsley 11g
    Oregano 16g
    Coriander seeds 30g
    Black Peppercorns 42g
    Garlic Chips 28g
    NZ$ 59.99
  • Superfood Pack
    A collection of Superfoods to power up your everyday.

    Pack contains 1 unit each of :
    Organic White Quinoa 200g
    Spirulina Powder 100g
    Psyllium Husk 150g
    Hulled Hemp Seeds 180g
    Organic Chis Seeds 200g
    NZ$ 41.80 pack


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