A match made in Heaven

Manuka Honey & Ceylon Cinnamon

Blending the goodness of  New Zealand Manuka Honey

with sweetness of  Ceylon Cinnamon..

Pure Magic

 Tastes great. 

Safe to use as a food because it contains True Ceylon Cinnamon.( with only traces of Coumarin) 

 Normal Cinnamon ( Cassia Cinnamon) has relatively high amounts of Coumarin which can have detrimental health effects

Excellent anti-oxidant properties:

  •  can help protect against inflammatory heart disease,
  • can assist  lower bad cholesterol,
  •  help prevent oxidation damage to cells
  • can improve bad breath,  and alleviate indigestion and gas problems.
  • Can be a source of the essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Versatile. It may be used for a wide range of benefits.
  • Natural product.

                Ideal Healthy gifts 

Use Manuka Honey for Hay Fever

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 UMF25+ (MGO 1200) Onuku Manuka Honey  

Onuku Manuka UMF 25+

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