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Superfood Organic Cacao Nibs

 Caco Nibs 150g

(Theobroma Cacao)

USDA and European Union  Certified Organic

USDA EU Certified Organic

  • Can be eaten as nutritious snack, in granolas
  • Sprinkled onto smoothies & yogurts

Beneficial for: Energy, Longevity, Mood, Clarity, Antioxidant,  Brain Function, Tackling Depression. 



Superfood Organic Cacao Powder


 Cacao Powder 150g

(Theobroma Cacao)

USDA and European Union  Certified Organic

USDA EU Certified Organic

  • Used in smoothies/shakes/baking/desserts
  • Combined with butter &sweeteners for dipping sauce

Beneficial for: Energy, Heart Health, Weight Loss, Antioxidant, Minerals, Brain Function, Stress, Children. 




Superfood Organic Camu Camu Powder  

Camu Camu Powder 50g

( Myrciaria Dubia)

USDA and European Union  Certified Organic

USDA EU Certified Organic

  • High Content of Vitamin C
  • Increase nutritional content :   smoothies/cereals/muesli/energy bars/cakes/biscuits

Beneficial for: cold, influenza and other viral diseases,health conditions like asthma, edema , heart disease,  support strong collagen,tendons ,ligaments, decrease    inflammation, help deal with stress & anxiety. 


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Organic Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds Organic

( Slavia Hispanica)

USDA and European Union  Certified Organic

USDA EU Certified Organic


Once a staple of Aztec Warriors and Mayans;

this tiny seed  was used to provide stamina and endurance

Today hailed as superfood Chia seeds are:

  • reportedly the highest plant-based source of omega-3
  • packed with essential nutrients, antioxidants and minerals
  • special property which slows our body’s conversion of carbohydrates to sugar
  • energy is released slowly & usual blood glucose varinace are avoided





USDA EU Certified Organic Coconut Sugar


Coconut Sugar 200g

USDA and European Union  Certified Organic

USDA EU Certified Organic

  • Sugar substitute :Low GI natural Organic Sweetener
  • 16 Amino acids, High mineral content,
  • Vitamin B1,B2,   B3 & B6
  • 36 xIron,4xMagnesium,10xZinc compared to BrownSugar

Beneficial for: Digestion, Improve skin naturally, Increase Energy,may help with Diabetes, Sports Crossfit nutrition, Weight Management 




Superfood Organic Maca Powder

Maca Powder 150g

( Lepidium Meyenii)

USDA and European Union  Certified Organic

USDA EU Certified Organic

  • Energetic &Revitalizing properties
  • Increase nutritional content of :    smoothies/cereals/muesli/energy bars/cakes/biscuit

Beneficial for: Endurance, Energy, Protein, Reproductive Health, Stamina,Antioxidant, Polysaccharides, Balance Hormones,  Bone Strength, Digestion


 Superfood Organic Mesquite powder


Mesquite Powder 150g

( Prosopis Pallida)

                    USDA and European Union  Certified Organic                                                                                     USDA EU Certified Organic                                     

  • Sweet and  slight caramel taste
  • High protein meal with good quantities of calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron , zinc, amino acid lysine .
  • Use in smoothies, shakes ,baking, muesli, porridge

Beneficial for: maintaining blood sugar levels, strong  healthy bones,  hormonal health, heart health, muscle health, essential minerals for optimum function, digestive & bowel health, dietary fibre








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