SpicenEasy Nuts & Seeds

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 Walnut Halves & Pieces  Walnut Halves & Pieces 100g


 Raisins Golden Jumbo  Raisins Golden  200g


Pine Nuts Pine Nuts



 Pistachio Roasted Salted  Pistachio Roasted salted 130g


 Goji Berries  Goji Berries 100g


 Ginger Crystallised  Ginger Crystallised 180g


 Cranberries  Cranberries 180g


 Coconut Palm Sugar Organic

 Coconut Palm Sugar Organic 200g

USDA EU Certified Organic


 Cashew Whole  Cashew Whole 180g


 Cashew Roasted Salted  Cashew Roasted Salted 180g


 Cashew Pieces  Cashew Pieces 180g



Brazil Nuts Brazil Nuts 180g


Almond Natural

Almond Natural 180g 



 Buckwheat Whole 250g

 $ 2.99

 Fennel Seeds

 Fennel Seeds 100g


 Fenugreek Seeds

 Fenugreek Seeds 100g



 Linseed 100g


 Mustard Brown

 Mustard Seeds Brown 100g


 Mustard Seeds Yellow

 Mustard Seeds Yellow 100g


 Nigella Seeds

 Nigella Seeds 100g

 $ 3.99

Blue Poppy Seeds 100g

Poppy Seeds Blue 100g


 Pumpkin Seeds

 Pumpkin Seeds 100g


Black Sesame Seeds

Sesame Seeds Black 100g


 Sesame White

 Sesame Seeds White 100g


 Sunflower Seed

 Sunflower Seeds 100g


 Chia Seeds

 Chia Seeds 100g


 Celery Seed

 Celery Seeds 80g